Sunday, September 20, 2015

Sheriff's Sharpshooter Ends High Speed Pursuit with Shots from Helicopter

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So we have a high speed pursuit, at times exceeding 100 mph onto oncoming traffic on the interstate, that ends with the driver 'allegedly' being shot by a Sheriff's Office "Sharpshooter" from a helicopter.

Was the car being used as a deadly weapon at this point? I would say yes.

Was the shooting of the driver from a helicopter the last resort to end this potentially fatal (to innocent bystanders) chase? Maybe.

I think of that scene from the movie Black Hawk down where they put a round into the engine block of Somali warlord Osman Ali Atto's car to disable it so they could arrest him. Would disabling the fleeing driver's car in this manner have been a viable option instead of shooting him? I wasn't there so I couldn't make that call, but Monday morning quarterbacking this incident, one could speculate that by shooting the driver instead of disabling his vehicle may have caused him to collide with that other car, injuring its occupants. Disabling the vehicle by shooting at the engine may have prevented the collision as the driver would still have some control of the vehicle despite it being rendered inoperable.

Would the chase have been extended by a suspect on foot and further endanger the lives of others if he was armed? Possibly. Or he may have just given up. We'll never know.

Just my observation.

Anyone want to chime in on this? Do you think it was justified? If so, was it right?


  1. One can make some very good arguments supporting this act because the conduct of the driver was endangering many people. However the OTHER side of this event is the precedent
    that such an act sets. We have seen a massive militarization of LEO over the past 40 years.
    It is now to the point that LEO often have superior weaponry and less restrictive rules of engagement then the military in Iraq etc. These officers have not been militarized to protect and serve. They have been militarized to impose law and order and to keep people IN LINE.
    In short LEO is being mutated and morphed into a modern Schutzstaffel. This event is one of the many 'turning points' used by LEO to ramp up their militarization. Won't be long now before they will seek to mount Dillon Aero M134 on their aircraft, once they have such a gun
    they will want to use it...and they will. No....this single instance while useful at that moment will
    almost certainly be used as the catalyst for further militarization of LEO and loss of freedom by the rest of us. THAT is why I think this event was and is a very bad occurrence.

  2. Nope, not justified or right. If the cops had such an extreme lack of concern for other people beside the driver, which is obvious, that they decided to use this method to stop the idiot-just being open minded here, he was an idiot-instead of using one of the methods described in the links below, or another method such as spike strips for the tires, then the obvious conclusion is that they decide to use their "shiny toys" because they could. [ Who's going to complain? they're doing this for our safety, right? sarcasm ]

  3. what about the innocents that might have been struck by stray police bullets while they were going all gangsta on this guy? when i was a cop i was responsible for every single round.